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حياتك بالأرقام Your Life in Numbers Posted by on Jun 28, 2022

In this post, we’ll practice using numbers الأرقام and words related to numbers in Arabic through answering some fun questions about our daily lives حياتنا اليومية. Before we begin, let’s look at the following vocabulary words that will help us understand the questions and help us answer them. مدة/ فترة: a period of time  تقضي/تمضي…

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أيهما تفضل؟ Which Do You Prefer? Posted by on Jun 14, 2022

✨In this post, we’ll practice how to use “to prefer” يُفَضِّل in Arabic by answering some fun questions. ✨Before we begin, if someone asks you أيهما تفضل؟ Which/what do you prefer? You can answer by beginning your sentence with …أُفَضِّل I prefer… For example, أيهما تفضل؟  مشاهدة فيلم في البيت مع عائلتك، أو في السينما…

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