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Ramadan رَمَضان is here so رَمَضان كَريم! ☺Despite this being the second رَمَضان during the pandemic, many people are still trying to keep the رَمَضان spirit going. In this post, I thought we’d first read a news update in Modern Standard Arabic regarding the danger of gatherings during رَمَضان in Middle Eastern countries. We’ll then listen to Palestinian pedestrians give their opinion on how they think رَمَضان will be celebrated this year. 

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🎇Here is a link to a news article discussing the danger الخَطورة of gatherings تَجَمُعات during رمضان. I have included below an excerpt from the article. Before reading the translation, which words are familiar to you? Perhaps take note of words that are new. Are you able to understand the gist of each statement? 

كورونا- الصحة العالمية تحذر من خطورة التجمعات خلال رمضان وعيد الفص

حذر المدير الإقليمي لمنظمة الصحة العالمية بمنطقة الشرق الأوسط، من زيادة محتملة في الإصابات بفيروس كورونا في المنطقة خلال شهر رمضان وعيد الفصح، داعيا إلى أن يحمي الناس أنفسهم

.وتابع في مؤتمر عبر الإنترنت “إننا ندرك أن هذه مناسبات مهمة تستحق الاحتفال بها، مشيرا إلى أنه يجب أن  يحمي الأشخاص أنفسهم”

.ونوه إلى أن 14 دولة في المنطقة أبلغت عن زيادة في حصيلتها اليومية من إصابات فيروس كورونا ووفيات ذات صلة مثل الأردن وإيران

.وقال إن الوضع لا يتحسن والاتجاه الذي تسير فيه الكثير من الدول مقلق

Corona – Global Health warns of the danger of gatherings during Ramadan and Easter

The Regional Director of the World Health Organization in the Middle East region has warned of a possible increase in coronavirus infections in the region during Ramadan and Easter, calling for people to protect themselves.

“We realize that these are important occasions that deserve to be celebrated,” he said in an internet conference, indicating that people must protect themselves.

He noted that 14 countries in the region reported an increase in their daily toll of coronavirus infections and related deaths, such as Jordan and Iran.

He said that the situation is not improving and the direction in which many countries are heading is worrisome.

🎇Below is the video link where Palestinians talk about how they think رَمَضان will be different this year. I have transcribed and translated the segment beginning from [0:30 – 1:05] including an intro by the interviewer and the opinions الآراء of the first four speakers. You will hear colloquial Palestinian words and expressions along with words that are similar in both Levantine and standard Arabic. 

 رأي الشعب الفلسطيني برمضان المقبل

رمضان على الأبواب وأكيد شهر رمضان بيختلف عن باقي أشهر السنة بكثير أشياء من حيث العزائم والحلويات والعبادات. وأكيد هذه السنة في ظل جائحة كورونا رح تختلف كثير أشياء. خلينا نسمع من الناس أيش محضرين لشهر رمضان

Ramadan is at the door, and the month of Ramadan is definitely different from the rest of the year with many things in terms of dinner gatherings, sweets and worship. Certainly, this year, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, many things will differ. Let’s hear from people what they have prepared for the month of Ramadan.

.ما رح يكون في تجمعات. ما رح يكون في صلوات تراويح. يعني الواحد رح يصلي في بيته ويكتفي وخلص

There won’t be any gatherings. There won’t be any Tarawih prayers. I mean, one will pray at home and be satisfied and that’s it.

Note: Tarawih prayer صلاة التَراويح is the night time prayer performed during Ramadan.   

.أنا مع إنهم يفتحوا الجوامع. صحيح رح ناكل هوى بس يعني أحسن منتعبد، منموت ونحن عمنتعبد

I am for them opening the mosques. It is true that we will eat air, but that’s better since we are worshiping, we die while we are worshiping.

Note: The expression “to eat air” has a negative connotation. In this context, saying “we will eat air” means that we will be doomed or that the outcome will be bad for us. 

.طبعاً أجواء رمضان كتير حلوى، إنو خصوصاً التجمعات وإشي زي هيك، والناس بتروح وبتيجي على بعض

Of course, the atmosphere in Ramadan is very nice, especially the gatherings and things like that, and people go out and visit each other.

.لكن رمضان بتضل إلها بهجتها يعني، والسرور تبع رمضان

But Ramadan will still have its joy and the happiness that comes with Ramadan.


✨Question: سُؤال

كيفَ أثرَ الوَباء على طريقة احتفالك بأعيادك؟

How has the pandemic affected the way you celebrate your holidays?

I hope you found the excerpts included in this post good practice for reading about this topic in standard Arabic and listening to people’s opinions on it in Palestinian Levantine Arabic. 

Till next week, happy Arabic learning! 🤓

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