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Answer of exercise on the use of ذو Posted by on Jul 24, 2011 in Grammar, Vocabulary

In this post, I present the answers of the exercise presented in my previous post. There are notes at the end of the post to explain the reason for the answers

1-      أحب القصص ذات النهايات السعيدة.

I like stories with happy endings.

2-      صديقي ذو الشعر القصير اسمه محمد

My short-haired friend is called Mohammed>

3-      حدثت صديقي ذا الشعر القصير.

I talked to my short-haired friend.

4-      المهندسون ذوو الخبرة الطويلة مطلوبون للعمل في الشركة.

Engineers with long experience are required to work at the company.

5-      هل تعرف الرجال ذوي الصوت العالي؟

Do you know the man with the high voice?

6-      تكلمت مع الولد ذي الذاكرة القوية.

I spoke with the boy who has a strong  memory.

7-      هل تعرف الفتاة ذات الفستان القصير.

Do you know the girl with the short dress?

8-      زرت المدينتين ذاتي الأسوار العالية.

I visited the cities with high walls.


1-      القصص is a non-human plural, therefore, its agreement is singular feminine.

2-      صديقي is singular, masculine, subject (nominative)

3-      صديقي is singular, masculine, object (accusative)

4-      المهندسون is plural, masculine, subject (nominative)

5-      الرجال is plural, masculine, object (accusative)

6-      الولد is singular, masculine, after preposition (genitive)

7-      الفتاة is singular, feminine

8-      المدينتين is dual, feminine, object (accusative)


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