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Dealing with Arabic Numbers Part Two Posted by on Apr 28, 2021

In the previous post, we covered الأرقام numbers (واحِد إلى عَشرة (١٠–١. In this post, we’ll be continuing on from 11 and beyond.  Before we begin, take a look at the random numbers below, which ones can you make out? الأرقام من أحدَ عَشَر إلى تِسْعَة عَشَر (١١–١٩) Numbers ١١ to ١٩ share a common…

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Adverbs of Time in MSA and Levantine ظروف الزَّمــان Posted by on Mar 3, 2021

In this post, I thought we’d learn some of the adverbs of time in Arabic  ظروف الزَّمــان. We’ll look at example sentences for context. I have also included an audio recording to help with pronunciation. Before we begin, can you think of any ظَرْفُ زَّمَانِ?  Let’s start with some straightforward ones: Note: I have added…

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Case marking of nominal sentences Posted by on Jun 29, 2019

Case marking (الإعراب) is a very important grammatical concept in Arabic. In this post, we learn how to case mark nominal sentences. The nominal sentence (الجملة الإسمية) is a sentence that begins by a noun or a pronoun. The nominal sentence has two main components: the subject (المبتدأ) and the predicate (الخبر). Both parts of…

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عَنْ: Meanings, Examples, and Synonyms Posted by on Apr 3, 2019

Meanings of the word عَنْ.

Let’s continue looking at more tiny Arabic words; their meanings and how to use them. In most cases you’ve seen the word عَنْ mean “about”, but there are a few more meanings. Here are some examples to help clarify them in context. about/on:  .كتاب عن قواعد اللغة العربية A book about Arabic grammar. / A…

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The Meaning of “qad” قَدْ and How to Use it Posted by on Mar 27, 2019

The multiple meanings of "qad".

Last week, we looked at how to use ُحَيث and all its multiple meanings. This week, we’re looking at a two-letter-word “qad” قَدْ . Do not let the littleness of such tiny words deceive you 😊, this word has an important grammatical function. قَدْ must come before either a past or present tense verb. Depending…

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Rules for writing Hamza Posted by on Mar 1, 2019

Hello again Arabic Blog readers! Apologies for not posting for a while! In this post, I write about the rules for writing hamza (ء) in Arabic. This can be a very confusing aspect for learners of Arabic. As a general rule, hamza is often written with alif (أ) when it is used a consonant, e.g…

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40 Basic Arabic Grammar Terms Posted by on Apr 10, 2018

When we learn a language as adults, it is like learning any other skill. You need tools and practice. The tools of language are the grammar rules. We need to have sufficient and consistent exposure to these tools to internalize their correct usage. Enough practice and consistent exposure changes our knowledge of these rules from…

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