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Arabic Adverbs (Part 3) Posted by on Sep 12, 2009 in Grammar

In the previous posts, I explained different types of adverbials in Arabic, including words that mainly function as adverbs like (جداً); adverbs that are derived from adjectives, e.g. قليلاًderived from قليل“little”; adverbs that are formed by the preposition (ب) and the verbal noun like (بكثرة) “a lot”, adverbs that are derived from active participle (اسم الفاعل) like (مفكِراً) “thinking” and the passive participle (اسم المفعول) like (مقتولاً) “dead/murdered”.

Sentences can also be used as adverbs in Arabic as well, i.e. both nominal and verbal sentences. Consider the following examples:

جلست في غرفتي أفكر في المشكلة.

جلست في غرفتي وأنا أفكر في المشكلة.

“I sat in my room thinking about the problem.”

جاءت صديقتي تجري.

جاءت صديقتي وهي تجري.

“My friend came running.”

There is an expression that can be used to express adverbials in Arabic. This expression means “in a — way”, and it can be expressed either (بشكل —) or (بصورة —). We need to use an appropriate adjective with it, e.g.

زاد عدد المدخنين بشكل كبير / بصورة كبيرة

“The number of smokers increased considerably.”

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