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Arabic Math Vocabulary Posted by on Mar 11, 2010 in Vocabulary

Most Arabic teaching focuses on Arabic grammar and vocabulary, and many students miss on some details, e.g. technical vocabulary like simple math terms. In this post, I try to fill this gap by presenting the Arabic words for some mathematical symbols and terms.

Addition = جمع

Subtraction = طرح

Multiplication = ضرب

Division = قسمة

Equation = معادلة

Problem = مسألة

+ زائد / جمع
ناقص / طرح
× في / ضرب
÷ على
= يساوي
> أقل من
< أكبر من
أقل من أو يساوي
أكبر من أو يساوي
لا يساوي
% بالمائة / في المائة
1+1 = 2 واحد زائد واحد يساوي اثنين
3 – 1 = 2 ثلاثة ناقص واحد يساوي اثنين
2 × 1 = 2 اثنين في واحد يساوي اثنين
2 ÷ 1 = 2 اثنين على واحد يساوي اثنين
20% عشرين بالمائة

Most Arab people use colloquial pronunciation of numbers when they speak of mathematics. The present tense is used all the time when talking mathematics.

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  1. Hossein Kholdi:


    Could someone answer this question with sources to back it up?

    When you darw a graph, the X,Y, Z axis, Is the Y axis on the left of the X axis or on the right?

    Thank you,

    • aziza:

      @Hossein Kholdi Hello,
      These are called المحورين الرأسى والأفقى Vertical and horizontal axes. They can also be represented by the letters س for X and ص for Y.
      I hope this is useful!

  2. james_825:

    Hi, can I ask something.

    how we translate carry and bring down in arabic? thank u. I hope u have a response Asap.