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Arabic Proverbs الأمْثال العَرَبيّة Part Two Posted by on Mar 24, 2021 in Arabic Language, Proverbs, Vocabulary

In the previous post, we looked at a number of Arabic proverbs الأمْثال العَرَبيّة and their meanings. In this post, we’ll continue reading and listening to more proverbs and also read in Arabic about how people tend to come up with sayings that express a certain تَجْرِبة experience, عاطِفة/إحساس feeling, فِكْرة thought, etc., and the vocabulary needed to group proverbs according to what they are about. 

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الأمْثال العَرَبيّة

كُل أُمَم الأرْض لَها تُراثها الذي يُعبّر عَن الكَثير مِن الأحداث والمُناسَبات التي حَدَثَت عَبْر التاريخ، ومِن أنواع التُراث الأمثال الشَعبية ويَقوم الناس باستخدام هذه الأمثال إذا مرّوا بِظرف أو حَدَث في حَياتِهِم اليَومية، فيُعَبرون عنه بِمَثَل، وهكذا تَبقى مَحفوظةً ويَتدَاولَها الناس جيلاً بَعد جيل مَع إضافة ما استَجَد مِن أمثال تُعَبِر عَن أحداث الحَاضِر

All nations on earth have their own heritage that expresses many events and occasions that have occurred throughout history, and among the types of heritage are popular proverbs. People use these proverbs when they go through a circumstance or event in their daily lives, expressing it with a proverb, and so it remains preserved and circulated by people from generation to generation in addition to new proverbs that express the events of the present.

✨…أمْثال عَرَبيّة عَن✨

Arabic Proverbs About…

العِزة والشُّجاعة

pride and courage

.الإتّحاد قُوّة

Union is strength.

الصّبْر والمُواساة

patience and sympathy

.لا راحَةَ دونَ تَعَبْ

No pain, no gain.

.الصَّبْرُ مِفْتاح الفَرَج

Patience is the key to relief.

العلِم والحِكمة

science and wisdom 

.رأسُ الحِكْمَة مَخافَةُ الله

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. 



.الصَّديق عِنْدَ الضِّيق

A friend in need is a friend indeed. 



.لا يَرُدُّ البُكاء المَيت

It’s no use crying over spilt milk.  Literally: Crying does not bring back the dead. 



.خَيرُ الأمورِ الوَسَط

Literally: Best of things is their center. Meaning to choose a middle way and not go to extremes.

مساوئ الأخلاق

bad morals

.الكَسَلُ رأسُ كُل فَساد

Idleness is the source of all evil. 



.إذا هَبَّتْ رياحُكَ فاغّتَنمْها

Make hay while the sun shines.  Literally: If the wind blows, take advantage of it. Meaning, run your boat because you don’t know when the wind will stop. 


مَكارِم الأخلاق

good morals

.الأمانَةُ أفْضَلُ سِياسَه

Honesty is the best policy. 

.النَظافَةُ مِن الإيمان

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. 




.ما تَزْرَعْ تَحْصُد

As you sow, you shall reap. 




.السّرُّ إذا جاوَزَ الإثْنينِ شَاع

A secret when known by or told to more than two people, will be spread. 




.لِكُلّ مُشكلةٍ حَل

Every cloud has a silver lining.  Literally: Every problem has a solution. 

I hope you enjoyed that second batch of proverbs and learned some new vocabulary. Till next week, happy Arabic learning! 🙂

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