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Mother’s Day: how did it start? (part 2) Posted by on Mar 26, 2021 in Arabic Language, Culture, History, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

Welcome to the second part of this blog post. In the previous post, we started learning about Mother’s Day عيد الأم and how it’s differently celebrated around the world. In today’s post, you will have another exercise to work on. Also, you will be able to check your answers to last week’s exercise.


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The video clip – see below – is just under 2-minute long and is titled:


كيف بدأ عيد الأم؟

How did Mother’s Day start?


*The clip is slightly fast paced, but you can always slow it down and follow the subtitles provided.

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Here’s the clip again.




To help you understand the clip more, below is a list of the main sentences that are mentioned in the clip, in Arabic and English.


ويوم ٢١ مارس سنة ١٩٦٥ كان أول عيد أم في مصر

And the 21st. March 1956 was the first Mother’s Day in Egypt.


ومن بعدها، بقت بتحتفل بيه كل الدول العربية

And after that, all the other Arab countries started celebrating it.



قررت فتاة اسمها آنا إنها تعمل حفلة تكريم لأمها اللي ماتت

A girl called Ana decided to organise an honouring ceremony for her mother who died.


وبعدها بسنة كرّمتها تاني بحضور عدد أكبر

And after a year, she honoured her again by inviting a larger audience


ووزّعت عليهم ورود قرنفل بيضاء

She distributed white tulips to them


في سنة ١٩١٤، عيد الأم بقى مناسبة قومية في أمريكا

In 1914, Mother’s Day became a  national day in America.


القدماء المصريين عملوا احتفال سنوي لتكريم الإله إيزيس

The ancient Egyptians organised an annual celebration to honour the God Esis


إيزيس كانت من أكتر الآلهة المحبوبة في مصر القديمة

Esis was one of the most beloved Goddesses in Ancient Egypt


وكانت رمز للأم والزوجة

And she was a symbol for the mother and the wife.


اعتُبِرت إيزيس أمًا للملوك الفراعنة

And was considered a mother to the Pharaohs (their kings).


وأصبحت رمز للأمومة

And became a symbol for motherhood

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Correct Answers:


 Matching Exercise تمرين توصيل:


Part (A)


In the last post, you were asked to match each country with the way it celebrates Mother’s Day. Here are the correct answers:

The way of celebration طريقة الاحتفال Country الدولة

Red Tulip meal


أكلة وردة القرنفل الحمراء




The mother stays relaxed in bed and eats breakfast there


كيك (كعكة) على شكل وردة



A rose-shape cake

تبقى الأم في مرتاحة في السرير، وتتناول الفطور هناك



Religious rites & dancing in the streets


شعائر دينية ورقص في الشوارع


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Part (B)


In the last post, you were asked to match each country with the date on which it celebrates Mother’s Day. Here are the correct answers:


يوم الاحتفال  The celebration day

Country الدولة

٢١ مارس



ثاني أحد من مايو

The second Sunday of May





آخر أحد من مايو

The last Sunday of May





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