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The Royal Opera House in Muscat Posted by on Apr 5, 2022

In this post, we’ll be learning about The Royal Opera House in Muscat, دار الأوبرا السلطانية في مسقط the capital of the Sultanate of Oman عُمان. It’s truly a magical place. I would love to attend a show عرض there if I ever get a chance to visit عُمان. Below is an excerpt in Arabic…

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Global Tales حكايات عالمية Posted by on Dec 6, 2021

Welcome to a new post. Today, I’d like to share with you a unique theme song of an old TV cartoon show برنامج رسوم متحركة from my childhood. The cartoon is called “Global Tales” and it was released  تم إصداره in Japan in 1979. It was then adapted and dubbed into Standard Arabic تمت…

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Song: “A piece of my heart” حِتَّه من قلبي Posted by on Aug 2, 2021

Welcome to a new post  🙂 مرحبا بكم في مدوّنة جديدة. I have a new song for you today , a recent one that got released by the great Emirati singer – Hussain El Jassmi. It seems like every summer, he keeps delighting يستمر في إسعاد his audience جمهوره  with a new song أغنية/surprise مفاجأة (You can…

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Ramadan in Egypt is special حاجة تانية Posted by on Apr 26, 2021

Welcome to a new blog post 🙂 In this post, we’re going to study a lovely song by the amazing Emirati singer المطرب الإماراتي الرائع: Hussain Al-Jassmi حسين الجسمي. As is the case in each Ramadan, Hussain sings a special song as a way  كطريقة لِـ to celebrate للاحتفال بـ the holy month of Ramadan…

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Ramadan came to us رمضان جانا Posted by on Apr 12, 2021

Ramadan Kareem رمضان كريم   to those serving this month of fasting 🙂 It’s just been announced  in – Saudi Arabia – that tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan غدًا هو أول أيام رمضان. So, I would like to share with you an old song that celebrates the start of Ramadan. It’s in Egyptian…

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Helping homeless cats during the pandemic Posted by on Apr 6, 2021

We all probably heard of cat cafes مقاهي القطط before, but not many of us heard of a café for homeless cats مقهى للقطط المشرّدة! Yes, there is one! In Sweden J Unlike in other countries, the café stayed open المقهى ظل مفتوحًا during the pandemic خلال الجائحة  and the demand الطلب  is higher أعلى…

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