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Choices: Listening Practice in Saudi Arabic (Part 1) Posted by on Mar 14, 2022 in Advice, Arabic Language, comprehension, opinion, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

Welcome to today’s blog. We will be studying a one-minute, video clip in Saudi Arabic باللهجة السعودية. The clip is taken from a live broadcast بث حي by Dr. Sumaya Al-Nasser الدكتورة سمية الناصر. She is an awareness coach مُدَرِّبَةُ وَعْي & a leading figure شَخْصِيَّةٌ بَارِزَةٌ in the field of self-help مجال تطوير الذات/ التنمية الذاتية. In this short video, she is discussing the topic of choices الاختيارات and the number of consequences related to choices we make. This is a s-part blog post. In this post, I will challenge you to understand the content of the clip by providing English transcript of the video (Please note that Arabic subtitles are provided in the video).


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Choices الاختيارات

Lets cover some of the key phrases around this topic of choice.

Choice اخْتِيَار

To choose يَخْتَار

Decision قَرَار

Decisions قَرَارَات

to decide يُقَرِّر


*Interestingly, while ‘choice’ in Arabic is اختيار Ikhtiyaar, a similar word: خَيَار Khayaar means> ‘an option’.

Options خَيَارَات

A road طَرِيقْ

Destiney القَدَرْ


Some related phrases

We have to choose عَلَيْنَا أَنْ نَخْتَار

You need to make a decision عليك أن تَتّخِذَ قرارًا

make a choice/ choose اخْتَارَْ

What would you choose? مَاذَا سَتَخْتَاْر؟

I don’t have the freedom to choose لَيْسَ لَدَيّ الحُرِيَّة لِأَخْتَار

Our responsibility in life i to choose مسؤوليتنا فَي الحَيَاةِ هِيَ أَنْ نَخْتَار

I’m confused and can’t choose أنَا حَائِر وَلَا أَسْتَطِيعُ الاِخْتِيَار 

I’m hesitant – what do you think? أَنَا مُتَرَدِّد – مَا رَأْيُك؟

= = = = = = = = = = = =


Titled: “When you have two road in front of you”.



English transcription: 


People who stand in a moment (find themselves at a situation)

Where there are two road in front of them, one would say

I go right (or) I go left

In his mind, he’s saying: I go right so that

All things get sorted, and I feel relieved

And that’s it, no more mess

Or I go left, and all things get sorted

That’s it, no more confusion, nothing

So you have to know that

Either right or left, there is (will be) mess

And it’s not a negative thing that there’s a mess

It’s not a negative thing


Change has consequences

Choosing a new energy has consequences

A decision that is different from a previous decision, has consequences

Even if it’s simple

Like I told you, university

Everyone goes to university

I mean every year, there are millions

Or maybe billions – I don’t know

People who go to uni

And despite that, a university student gets confused, gets confused

I mean he feels that there’s a different energy

There’s something different

I mean from the beginning of time, people get married

The person who gets married feels like.. wow!

There’s confusion, there is something different, there are responsibilities, there is

So this is it

= = = = = = = = = = = =

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