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Preparations for a 2nd lockdown in England (1) Posted by on Nov 9, 2020 in Arabic Language, Vocabulary

Last Thursday يوم الخميس الماضي, England entered دخلت إنجلترا another national lockdown إغلاقًا عامًا آخر. The lockdown is partial جزئي as schools فالمدارس and universities والجامعات are still open لازالت مفتوحة. However, non-essential shops المتاجر التي تبيع سلع غير أساسية are not. Because of this, people made sure that حرص الناس على they went shopping الذهاب للتسوّق to get what they would need during the lockdown. What do you think people bought? Let’s find out by briefly studying an article that’s put together by BBC Arabic.

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🌟To access the article, click here 🌟


This is a two-part, comprehension-focused post so please make sure you read the article carefully before engaging with the exercises below.


*Let’s start with the title


*فيروس كورونا: ما الأشياء التي يشتريها الناس في آخر ليلة قبل الإغلاق العام؟

?CoronaVirus: what are the things that people buy the night before the national lockdown*


:The article starts as following


هذه أمثلة بالصور من بعض الأشياء التي يقبل سكان انجلترا على شرائها قبيل بدء الإغلاق العام.

These are examples (with photos) of some of the things that people who live in England were keen to buy before the start of the national lockdown


Comprehension Questions🌟

🌟أسئلة لاختبار الفهم



كم سيستمر الإغلاق الثاني العام في إنجلترا؟

?How long will the second national lockdown last in England


ماهو اليوم الذي يوافق ليلة الإغلاق؟

?Which day was the lockdown eve


ماذا فعلت “جوان” بعد سماعها بخبر الإغلاق (أذكر شيئين)؟

What did Joanne do after she knew about the lockdown news? List two things


كم المبلغ الذي أنفقته “سو” في ليلة الإغلاق؟

?How much did Sue spend on lockdown eve


ماذا يعمل “فيل“؟

?What does Phil do for a living


من ذهب مع “جيني” إلى التسوّق ليلة الإغلاق؟

?Who went shopping with Jenny on the lockdown eve


ماهي وظيفة “روز“؟

?What’s Rose‘s job


بماذا ستحتفل روز مع عائلتها؟ ومتى سيكون هذا الاحتفال؟

?What is it that Rose and her family are celebrating? And when is it going to be


مَن مِن هؤلاء الأشخاص يعمل كهربائيًا؟

?Which one of these people work as an electrician


كم عدد أولاد/أطفال “سارة“؟

?How many kids does Sarah have

 = = = = = = = =


🌟🌟Vocabulary Quiz

اختبار المصطلحات/المفردات🌟🌟


Below is a list of the items (appear in the article) that people bought when they went shopping on the lockdown eve. These items are listed in both Arabic and English.


*Match the Arabic word for each item with its English equivalent. 

 = = = = = = = =


See you soon, in the 2nd part of this blog post 🌟

🌟نلتقي قريبًا

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