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Connectors in Arabic – Addition Posted by on Sep 16, 2010 in Grammar, Vocabulary

It is very important when we write in any language to create logical relationships between the ideas that we present. There is a number of relationships that we can create like addition, contrast, among others, and there are many words and expressions that we can use to express these relationships. In this post, I present some words and expressions that we can use to express the relationship of addition in Arabic. Some of the addition connectors in English are ‘and’, ‘too’, ‘also’, ‘furthermore’, ‘in addition’, etc.

The most commonly used connector in Arabic is probably (و) ‘and’. It is also the easiest way of expressing the relationship of addition. We ca use it to connect nouns, verbs and clauses or sentences. Consider the following examples:

محمد وأمير وعادل ومنير أصدقاء.

“Mohammed, Amir, Adel and Munir are friends.”

في يوم العطلة، نستريح ونلعب ونزور أقاربنا.

“On the week end, we relax, play and visit our relatives.”

أحب الخروج مع أصدقائي وأفضّل الذهاب معهم إلى السينما.

“I like going out with my friends, and I prefer going to the cinema with them.”

We express ‘also’, ‘too’ and ‘as well’ in Arabic using the word (أيضاً).

زار الولد جدته وزار خالته أيضاً.

“The boy visited his grandmother and also his aunt.”

أنا أيضاً أريد تفاحة.

“I want an apple too.”

عمي طبيب وعمتي أيضاً طبيبة.

“My uncle is a doctor and aunt is (also) a doctor.”

We can express ‘in addition’, ‘additionally’, ‘moreover’, etc. in Arabic using the expressions (بالإضافة إلى ذلك) or (علاوة على ذلك).

التعليم يزيد من فرص النجاح، وعلاوة على ذلك فهو يوسع مدارك الإنسان.

“Education increases the chances of success; furthermore, it expands broadens one’s horizons.”

بالإضافة إلى عملي، يجب عليّ أن أهتم بأسرتي.

“In addition to my work, I have to look after of my family.”

More in connectors in the following posts, come back again!

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