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Definite Nouns:(6) Al-Modaaf المضاف Posted by on Apr 4, 2011 in Arabic Language, Grammar, Vocabulary

Today, we will be introduced to the last two types of definite nouns.

(6) The Indefinite Noun Added to a definite المضاف إلى معرفة 

  • Al Modaaf is an indefinite noun that is made definite because it is added to a definite noun that comes after.
  • Both the Modaaf and the definite noun that follows form a structure called Idaafa.
  • The Idaafa structure is sometimes similar to the possessive case in English.
  • The first noun in Idaafa can be in any noun case.
  • The second (definite)  noun in Idaafa is always in the genitive case.

                     Example :  – Our house is big  بيتنا كبير  

  In the above example, the word house بيت  is an indefinite noun, but it is made definite because it is added to the pronoun (Na’a of the speakers ) that defines exactly whose house is meant.

                Example : – The River Nile is long نهر النيل طويل

    Here , the word river نهر  is indefinite , but it is added to the proper noun “The Nile” النيل  which defines which river نهر  is meant.

                Examples: – Mohamed ‘s book كتاب محمد           – His book كتابهُ         

                                  – Her book كتابها             – Your book  كتابكَِ  

                                – Their book كتابهنّ         – Their book كتابهم  

                               – The trunk of the elephant  خرطوم الفيل  

                               – The style of the writer  أسلوب الكاتب

                              – The door of Ali’s house  بابُ منزلُ على

                        (7) The Vocative noun after Yaa المعرف بالنداء

  •    In Arabic , we use the particle “Yaaيا  to call for someone.
  • This particle is called the Vocative Yaa or يا النداء  .  
  • The noun that comes after this particle is called the person addressed or المنادى .
  • This noun is always definite , because you always mean and define the person or thing you are calling or addressing.

                  Example :- Open the door , boy.      يا ولدُ ، افتح الباب

                                 – Heads up , Arab.       يا عربيُ ،  ارفع رأسك

                               – O, fighter , you are brave.      يا مناضلُ ،  أنت شجاع   


        Thus, we have covered all the seven types of definite nouns. We have been introduced to; the proper nouns, the definite nouns with (Al-), the pronouns, the relative nouns, the demonstrative nouns, the Modaaf nouns and the nouns addressed by the vocative (Yaa).


Next time, we will look at another way of classifying Nouns.

Check us back soon

Peace سلام   /Salam/

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