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Listening Comprehension in Arabic 2 Posted by on Apr 5, 2011 in Arabic Language, Culture, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

Please watch the following video, and answer the questions below, using the useful vocabulary given:

1-      Who did the Syrian president meet?

2-      What was the meeting about?

3-      What is the name of the Syrian president?

4-      What did the guest deliver to the Syrian president?

5-      Why such meeting is considered rare in the last few years?

The answers are presented at the end of the page.

Useful words:

إستقبل = received, met, welcomed

الرئيس = president

المخابرات = intelligence

رسالة = message, letter

العلاقات = relationships

الثنائية =  bilateral

التطورات = developments

التنسيق = coordination

التشاور = consultation

نادراً = rare

التوتر =  tension

أغتيل = was assassinated

رئيس الوزراء = Prime minister

Scroll down for Answsers:




1-      The head of the Saudi Intelligence Agency

2-      Bilateral relationships between both countries, the latest developments in the region and the importance of coordination and consultation between both countries

3-      Bashar Al-Asad

4-      A letter from the king of Saudi Arabia

5-      Because the relationship between both countries became tense in the last few years


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  1. barbara:

    thank you. these listening comprehension exercises are extremely useful to me.

    • aziza:

      @barbara شكراً باربرا