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     Nouhad Haddad نـُهاد حداد  is the real name of the famously known Arab singer Fayrouz or Fairouz فيروز . She is a Lebanese singer and is widely considered to be the most famous living singer in the Arab World. Her songs are constantly heard throughout the region. Fayrouz is a legend أسطورة in her musical career. She is a superstar who was given so many names like; Ambassador to the Stars سفيرة النجوم  and Neighbor to the Moon جارة القمر . She has a magical, brilliant and angelic voice.

       Fayrouz was born on November 21, 1935 inJabal Al-Arz جبل الأرز (Cedar Mountain) in Lebanon to a Syrian Christian family. Fayrouz began her musical career as a  teenager and a chorus كورال girl at the Lebanese Radio Station in the late 1940s. Since then she got a critical and popular acclaim up till today. Fayrouz is acknowledged not only for her musical talent موهبة and contribution إسهام , but as a cultural and political icon, a symbol رمز of a people, a heritage, a quest for peace and of humanity البشرية .

         During most of her career, Fayrouz reflected two great brother artists; Assi and Mansour Rahbani. They wrote the lyrics and composed her tunes. Today, many of her songs reflect the composing talent of her son; Ziad Rahbani. Her songs testify to the Rahbani musical genius عبقرية as well as to Fayrouz’s broad musical background. In the 1970s, Fayrouz was referred to as “the Soul of Lebanon روح لبنان ” and became a pre-eminent figure, a superstar of current music in the Arab World. The Rahbani family is both a school of music and a cultural phenomenon ظاهرة

    For the girl who loved to sing to her friends and neighbours جيران in the little village قرية , it was an overwhelming experience when, in 1957, Lebanon’s President Chamoun presented Fayrouz with the “Cavalier”; the highest medal ever conferred on a Lebanese artist فنان . In 1969, a memorial Lebanese stamp طابع بريد was issued in her name. Meeting royalty, once an experience she had expected to encounter only in the fairy tales of her childhood طفولة , has become a reality for her. She is routinely welcomed, greeted, received and honored by today’s world leaders. In 1963, King Hussein of Jordan presented her with the Medal of Honor, followed by his Majesty’s Gold Medal in 1975. In Brazil, the crowds الحشود attempted to carry her with her limousine. In 1981, while touring theU.S. Senators, Governors and Mayors of various cities honored her. Her concerts at the Royal festival Hall inLondon broke every record and made headlines worldwide. Although Fayrouz did not sing during her one visit to the holy city,Jerusalem is honored in many of her songs.

        Musical plays المسرحيات or operettas الأوبريتات were the cornerstone works of the Rahbani Trio,  Fayrouz, Assi and Mansour. The Rahbani Brothers produced 25 popular musical plays (20 with Fayrouz) over a period of more than 30 years. They were possibly the first to produce world-class Arabic musical theatre. The musicals combined storyline, lyrics and dialogue, musical composition varying widely from Lebanese folkloric and rhythmic modes to classical, westernized, and oriental songs, orchestration, and the voice and acting of Fayrouz. She played the lead roles أدوار along with so many other singers and actors.

          Fayrouz possesses a large repertoire of around 1500 songs out of which nearly just 800 have been released. She has also been offered prestigious awards جوائز and titles ألقاب over the years.


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