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       Today, we are going to sail on a journey to the depths of the Arabic Dictionary to discover some of its secrets. We will look up the root verb علم  and explore some of its derivatives.

* عَلِمَ    [v. T.] = (1) to know something; e.g.. عَلِمَ محمدٌ الخَبَر = Mohammad knew the news.

عِلْمْ    [n. Sing. C.] = science / knowledge; e.g. أدرسُ عِلمَ الإنسان = I study Anthropology.  

عُلُوم  [n. Pl.] = sciences / plural of عِلْمْ ; e.g. أدرسُ العُلُومَ السياسية = I study Political Sciences. 

* عَالِم    [n. Sing. C.] = The person who knows / knower / scientist;

                                 e.g.زويل عالِم كبير  =  Zewail is a great scientist.

* عُلَمَاء   [n. Pl.] = Plural of عَالِم  

عَلام  [n. Sing. C. adj.] = the person who knows a lot / knowledgeable

* عَلِيم   [n. Sing. C. adj.] = the person who knows a lot / knowledgeable

* أَعْلَمَ   [v. T.] = To let someone know something / to tell;

                          e.g. أَعْلَمَنِيَ محمد بالخبر  = Mohammad told me the news.

* إعلام   [n. U.] = the act of telling or letting someone know / or / media    

عَلـَّمَ   [v. T.] = (1) To teach something to someone;

                              e.g.  عَلَّمَ الأستاذُ الطالبَ الدَّرسََ= The teacher taught the lesson to the student.

                = (2) to mark a place or thing; e.g. عَلَّم محمدٌ الصفحةَ = Mohammad marked the page.

مُعَـلّـِـّم   [n. C.] = teacher / instructor; Pl. مُعلّمُون  = teachers

عَلامَة  [n. C.] = mark / sign (pl. عَلامَات )          

* تَعَلَّمَ    [v. T.] = to learn something or master it;

                                 e.g. تَعَلَّمَ محمدٌ السباحةَ = Mohammad learnt to swim.

مُتَعَلـِّم    [n. C.] = learner; Pl. مُتَعَلـّمون

* تَعليم   [n. U.] = education ; e.g. التعليم المجاني = Free education   

استَعْلَمَ   V. [Prep. عن T.] = to inquire about something;

                       e.g. استعلَمَ محمدٌ عن الحادثة   = Mohammad inquired about the accident.  

* استِعْلام    n. [C.]  = The act of asking or inquiring about something or someone; pl. استعلامات                           

*  مَكتب الاستِعلامات   n. = information desk.    

* عَالَمُ   [n. C.] = world / universe / any species ;

                               e.g. العالَمُ ملئٌ بالأسرار = The world is full of secrets.

                              e.g. عالَم الحيوان = The world of animals. / عالَم النبات = The world of plants.  

*  عَوَالِم   [n. C.] = worlds (plural of عَالَم  )

* عَلْمَانىّ   [n. C.] = a secular person. Pl. عَلْمَانِيون

* العَلمَانِية  [n. U.] = Secularity  

* العَلَمْ  [n. C.] = the flag / or / the mark / or / the mountain; Pl. أعلام  

* مَعْلَمٌ   [n. C.] = sight / a tourist place / effect

* مَعَالِم   [n. Pl.] = sights / effects; e.g. مصرُ بها معالم كثيرة  = Egypt has a lot of sights.

Fisal’s Dictionary علم


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