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If You are my Love, .. إن كنت حبيبي Posted by on Jun 3, 2011 in Arabic Language, Culture, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

     We have read before about the great Egyptian singer and actor Abdel-Haleem Hafez. Today, we are going to read and listen to a part of one of his great poetic songs entitled “A Message from under Water”. The poem was written by the famous poet Nizar Qabbani. You will find the song words and English translations underneath. 

“رسالة من تحت الماء”

“A message from under water”


إن كنت حبيبي , فساعدني كي أرحل عنك

If you are my lover, then help me leave you 

أو كنت طبيبي , ساعدني كي أشفى منك

If you are my doctor, then help me recover from you  

لو أنى أعرف أن الحب خطيرٌ جداً , ما أحببت

If I had known Love is too dangerous, I would not have loved

لو أنى أعرف أن البحر عميقٌ جداَ , ما أبحرت

If I had known the sea is too deep, I would not have sailed 

لو أنى أعرف خاتمتي , ما كنتُ بدأت

If I had known my end, I would not have started 

اشتقت إليك فعلمني أن لا أشتاق

I missed you, so teach me not to

علمني كيف أقص جذور هواك من الأعماق

Teach me how to cut the roots of your love from my depths

علمني كيف تموت الدمعة في الأحداق  و تنتحر الأشواق

Teach me how a tear dies in the eyes

علمني كيف تموت الدمعة و تنتحر الأشواق

Teach me how love dies and longings commit suicide  

يا من صورت لي الدنيا كقصيدة شعر

O, you who turned life to a poem in my eyes

و زرعت جراحك في صدري و أخذت الصبر  

And planted your wounds in my heart and took patience away

إن كنتُ أعزُ عليك , فخذ بيديّ

If I am dear to you, grab my hands

فأنا مفتونٌ من رأسي حتى قدميّ

As I am deeply in love from head to heel  

فأنا مفتونٌ من رأسي حتى قدميّ

As I am deeply in love from head to heel  


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  1. Farah Siddiqui Bullara:

    I have a question about your recent blog post. Shouldn’t the title of the Nazir Qabbani poem, “A Message from Underwater” be written like this in Arabic?
    رسالة من تحت الماء
    (Risala min Taht al-Ma)

    I’m asking because this is the way that I have seen it written. This is the first time I have seen it written like “رسالة من تحت الماء”

    I have just started relearning Arabic after many years. I’m still trying to remember all the grammatical rules. If you would explain the difference, I would really appreciate it.

    BTW, I love your blogs–they are sooooo very information and interesting! Thank you so much!

    Best regards,
    Farah Bullara

  2. Farah Siddiqui Bullara:

    Please disregard my above message. I made a mistake when I copied the poem and the words were mixed up. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  3. Fisal:

    No Problem Farah, You are very welcome .. We are so happy you love our blog … Happy Learning and best wishes.

  4. prinz:

    i want to learn marocco languages specially for a girl. is their anyone who can teach me as early as possible ….


    VERY INTERESTING POEM.. all your blogs i like it very nice