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Multiplication of the Predicate Posted by on Dec 9, 2011 in Arabic Language, Grammar, Vocabulary

Multiplication of the Predicate تعدد الخبر  

  •  A nominal sentence can have more than one predicate (Khabar) or judgment.

                    Ex. 1 ابن زيدون شاعرٌ كاتبٌ   = Ibn Zaydoon (is) a poet (and) writer.

 In the Arabic sentence above, there are two predicates; the first is the word شاعر (poet) and the second predicate is the word كاتب (writer) and both predicates tell us something new about the Mubtada.

Note that verb “to be” is assumed and is not written in the Arabic nominal sentence.

Note also that the addition word “and” can’t be written here between the two predicates.

                   Ex. 2 – المقالةُ موجزةٌ قويةُ الأسلوبِ واضحةُ الفكرةِ 

                             = The article is brief with a strong style and a clear idea.

Here in this example, there are THREE predicates;  موجزةٌ  , قويةُ  and واضحةُ . so, to parse or analyze the whole sentence grammatically, we say:

         – المقالةُ  (The Article) : Mubtada marfoo’ with a dammah.

         – موجزةٌ  (brief) : First Khabar marfoo’ with a dammah.

         – قويةُ  (strong) : Second Khabar marfoo’ with a dammah.

         – الأسلوبِ  (style) : Modaaf majroor with a kasrah.

         – واضحةُ  (clear) : Third Khabar marfoo’ with a dammah.

         – الفكرةِ  (idea) : Modaaf majroor with a kasrah.


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  1. ahmet:

    salaamun alaikum FAİSAL..


    jazakallah for giving us good information especially about grammar.. I have two questions..
    ﻣﻮﺋﻨﺚ can you tell me what are these two words موًنث or مذكر and why?

    • Fisal:

      @ahmet Ahlan Ahmet,
      The word مستشفى (hospital) is masculine مذكر in the Arabic language .. so we say: هذا المستشفى not هذه المستشفى Best and Salam,

  2. ahmet:

    jazaka-ALLAH khair..
    And what about the word (ﻣﻮﺋﻨﺚ)
    is this موًنث or مذكر and why?

  3. nor:

    assalamualaikum, i would like to know why not there two dammahs for the موجزةٌ, قويةُ and واضحةُ .[ im sorry i cant see clearly the dammah whether one or two ]

    • Fisal:

      @nor Actually, the first Khabar (predicate) which is the word موجزةٌ has two Dammahs (Tanween), because it is an indefinite noun, whereas, the other two predicates have only one dammah on each (without tanween) because both of them are definite (by Idafa).

  4. nor:

    when i read again your sentence , by ‘segmenting’ them as follows, i think i hv understood the idea of putting tanween or not. when u mentioned idafa , i got the idea better..
    قويةُ الأسلوبِ
    واضحةُ الفكرةِ
    n then i got some examples from a book [which before i dont get wht it talks about]:
    مفتاحُ الجنةِ
    سيدُ اليامِ
    i really thank u.

    • Fisal:

      @nor You are welcome.

  5. test1:

    Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular post! It is the little changes that make the largest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing