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Punctuation Marks (Part 2) Posted by on Sep 29, 2011 in Arabic Language, Grammar

Comma (الفاصلة) ،

We use the comma in a number of cases:

1- After appellation, i.e. expressions with (يا) لفظ المنادى, e.g.

يا محمد، أجب على السؤال.

 Mohammed, answer the question.

2- To separate parts of complex and compound sentences, e.g.

عندما أسافر إلى مصر، سأزور الأهرام.

When I travel to Egypt, I will see the pyramids.

ذهبت إلى الجامعة، وحضرت المحاضرة.

I went to the university and attended the lecture.

Quotation marks (علامة التنصيص) ” “

Quotation marks are used in direct quotations:

They are also used with titles of books and articles.

Semi Colon (الفاصلة المنقوطة) ؛

We use the semi colon to join sentences that are related in meaning, e.g. when one sentence gives reason or explanation to another, e.g.

حفظ الولد دروسه؛ فنجح .

The boy studied his lessons, so he succeeded.

Colons (النقطتان المتوازيتان) :

We use colons before lists, explanation, and before direct quotations.


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