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Arabic proverbs about Cats! Posted by on Aug 9, 2021

Welcome to a new post مرحبا بكم في مدوّنة جديدة! Yesterday was the National Cat Day يوم القطط العالمي . On this occasion, and due to that fact that I’m a big cat fan ;), I dedicate today’s blog post to talk about some popular Arabic proverbs (in Standard & Vernacular Arabic) that use cats…

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Egyptian Proverbs (1) أمثال مصرية Posted by on Jun 27, 2011

         Arabic proverbs reflect the beauty of the Arabic Language and the wisdom of the Arabs and their culture. In Egypt, these proverbs are part of everyone’s daily routine. There is not one single situation that would not have the perfect proverb tailored for it. Just for the sake of fun, I am going to…

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