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The Gender of Arabic Nouns (1) Posted by on Jul 17, 2018

The gender الجِنْس of noun الاِسْم in Arabic is either masculine مُذَكَّر or feminine مُؤَّنَّث. The masculine المُذَكَّر is the basic form; therefore, it does not require a marker عَلاَمَة. The feminine المُؤَنَّث is derived from the masculine; it requires a feminine marker عَلَامَة تَأنِيْث. There are two types of masculine: real masculine and unreal…

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Practice agreement Posted by on Apr 20, 2015

In Arabic, noun adjective agreement is a very important concept. You need to make sure that nouns and adjectives agree with each other in number, gender and definiteness for your sentences to be grammatical and meaningful. In this post, I present you with 10 sentences that you need to complete with the adjectives provided. You…

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