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Luxor; Capital of International Tourism for 2016 Posted by on May 18, 2016

    Ahlan, Arabic lovers! Have you ever been to Luxor? Yes, that Egyptian ancient city! The executive council of the World Tourism Organization مــنــظــمــة الــســيــاحــة الــعــالــمــيــة of the United Nations الأمم المتحدة has named Luxor earlier this month as the Capital of International Tourism عــاصــمــة الــســيــاحــة الــعــالــمــيــة for 2016. The city has been selected…

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Reading Comprehension Answers: Petra Posted by on Jul 30, 2015

   Ahlan, Arabic lovers! Here are the answers to the last reading comprehension exercise about the Red-Rose City of Petra. To view the exercise and questions again, click here. الإجــابــات Answers تــتــحــدث الــقــطــعــة عــن مــديــنــة “الــبــتــراء” الأردنــيــة.       1) The passage is talking about the Jordanian city of Petra. ســُــمــّــيــَــتْ هــذه الــمــديــنــة بــاســم “الــمــديــنــة الــورديــة”…

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Reading Comprehension Exercise: Petra Posted by on Jul 29, 2015

اِقــرأ الـقــطـــعــــة  الـتــالــيـــة ثــم أجـــب عـــن الأســئــلـــــــة Read the and following passage and then answer the questions:      “تــُــعــرَف مــديــنــة الــبــتــراء بــاســم “الــمــديــنــة الــورديــة” بــســبــب لــونِ صــخــورهــا ، و قــد صــُــنــِّــفــَــتْ فــى الــعــام 2007 كــواحــدةٍ مــن عــجــائــب الــدنــيــا الــحــديــثــة. مــديــنــة الــبــتــراء هــى مــديــنــة تــاريــخــيــة تــقــع فــى جــنــوب الأردن عــلــى بــُــعــْــد 225 كم جــنــوب الــعــاصــمــة عــَــمــَّــان…

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The Heritage Village; Abu Dhabi Posted by on May 28, 2015

    Ahlan, Arabic lovers! Today, I am going to take you on a tour to Abu Dhabi  أبــو ظــبــي . We will explore one of the city’s cultural landmarks مــعــالــم . That is the Heritage Village قــريــة الــتــراث . This tour takes you to the Sahara الــصــحــراء , to the Bedouin life but without…

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