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Arabic grammar terminology Posted by on Aug 25, 2010

The post presents more grammatical terms in Arabic and their English equivalents as a continuation to my previous post. المَصْدَر Infinitive/ Verbal Noun اِسْمُ الفاعِل Active Participle اسمُ المفعول Passive Participle الفِعْلُ المَاضِي The Perfect Tense. الفِعْلُ المُضَارِع The Imperfect Tense الفِعلُ المبنِي للمجهول Passive verb فِعْل أَمر Imperative (Nominative) الفاعِل Subject (Accusative) المفعُول بِهِ…

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Arabic grammar terminology – case marking Posted by on Aug 21, 2010

In this post, I present a brief table with some terms related to the case marking system; the Arabic and English terms are presented along with a brief explanation of the use of the cases. The first table deals with the cases for nouns and adjectives. With nouns serving as subjects of verbal sentences or…

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