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العيـــــــــن مرآة النَّفــــــــــس (The Eye is the Mirror of the Soul) Posted by on Apr 13, 2012

« The eye is the true outrider and faithful guide of the soul; it is the soul’s well-polished mirror, by means of which it comprehends all truths, attains all qualities, and understands all sensible phenomena. It is a well-known saying that hearing of a thing is not like seeing it; this was already remarked by Poleron, the master…

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The Arabic Art of Speaking with the Eyes Posted by on Apr 10, 2012

Tongues have their language. But الأعيـــــــــن (the eyes) are endowed with their own kind of language as well. Whatever اللِّســــــــــان (the tongue) is denied to express through plain words, the eye is at liberty to convey with the utmost ease, subtlety, and, yes, even eloquence! To help us decipher the cryptic language of the eyes, we turn to…

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