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Making comparisons in Arabic Posted by on Feb 20, 2019

the comparison in Arabic

How do we make comparisons المُقارنات in Arabic? It’s actually pretty easy and kind of similar to what we do in English. 😊 Let’s start with simple adjectives such as big كَبير, short قَصير, and fast سَريع. In English you would add an “-er” to the end and get bigger, shorter, faster, etc. In Arabic, the…

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Arabic Superlative and Comparative Posted by on Feb 6, 2017

In Arabic superlative and comparative constructions are expressed using the form (أفعل). We need to mould adjectives using the (أفعل) form as follow: سهل – أسهل صعب – أصعب جميل – أجمل سعيد – أسعد كبير – أكبر When we use the (أفعل) form followed by a noun, we make a superlative construction, e.g. أكبر…

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