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This Day in History; The July 23, 1952 Revolution Posted by on Jul 23, 2012

       Today is the 60th anniversary of the July 23, 1952 Revolution ثورة . The revolution began with a successful military coup d’etat انقلاب that was led by the Free Officers Movement حركة الضباط الأحرار . The Free Officers were a group of army officers led by Muhammad Naguib محمد نجيب and Gamal Abdel-Nasser جمال عبد…

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Egypt; Yesterday and Tomorrow Posted by on Jan 24, 2012

       Yesterday, Tuesday, 23rd 2012 was a memorable day as the newly-elected People’s Assembly مجلس الشعب (The Parliament البرلمان) held its first session جلسة after a year of the Egyptian 2011 Revolution. The Parliament ran its internal elections for the chairman’s post and it was won by Dr Mohammad Saad Al-Katatny; a member of the…

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