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Song: “Oh Eid  يا عيد “ Posted by on May 13, 2021

The Eid spirit is all around us! Today is first day of عيد الفطر Eid Al-fiTr. I wish those who celebrate Eid a very joyful one  كل عام وأنتم بخير – عيد مبارك Kul  ‘aam  wa  aantu-m  bi-khair, Eid Mubarak     On this day, I would like to share a lovely song, produced by Zain…

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Eid Under lockdown العيد خلال الحظر Posted by on May 26, 2020

Today’s post is a quick report of what has been going on in social media during Eid and how Arabs expressed their feelings عبّروا عن مشاعرهم and reactions ردّات فعلهم  towards spending Eid under very different circumstances تجاه قضاء العيد في ظروف مختلفة  than most years! The post includes some of the hashtags  وسوم that…

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5 Ways to Say Happy Eid! Posted by on Jun 20, 2017

Marhaba! As you have learned from the post on Top 10 Facts About Ramadan, this holy month ends with the celebration of Eid al-Fitr (عيد الفطر). Eid (عيد), which means generally holiday in Arabic and which is used to abbreviate the name of the holiday, is a joyous occasion and is celebrated with prayer, family…

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Special Arabic Occasions: What they are, What to Do and Say in them? Posted by on Apr 15, 2017

Happy Eid!

Certain linguistic expressions are associated with specific cultural and religious occasions. For example, “Happy Easter!”, “Joyeuses Pâques!”, and “Frohe Ostern!” are expressions said in special occasions in English; French; and German, respectively. Among the most culturally celebrated, congratulation-invoking, and religiously observed occasions among Arabs (and Muslims) are Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-AdhHa, Ramadhan, and Friday of…

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Word search, Eid Al Fitr, Answers Posted by on Jul 28, 2014

In this post, I present the answer of the word search game published earlier. All the words are related to Eid Al Fitr which marks the end of the month of Ramdan. If you are not sure about the meaning of any word, look at the bottom of the page for the translation عيد الفطر…

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Word search, Eid Al Fitr Posted by on Jul 28, 2014

Millions of Muslims around the world, me included, celebrate the feast today. It is called (عيد الفطر), and it marks the end of the month of Ramadan. Eid is celebrated in many different ways, including special food, e.g. (كعك العيد), buying new clothes (ملابس) for everyone, giving charity (صدقة) to the poor and needy, and…

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Eid Al-Fitr Reading Comprehension Quiz Posted by on Aug 21, 2012

اقـــرأ الــقــطـــعــــة الــتـــالــيـــة ثــم أجــــب عــن الأســئـــلــة Read the following passage, then answer the questions: بـَــدأ عـــيــدُ الـفــِــطـــر يــَــوم الأحــَـــدِ الــمـَـــاضـِــى . اِســتــيــقــظـــتُ فـِــى الــســَّـــاعــَـــة الــثـــالــِــثـــة صــَــبــَــاحــَـــاً ثــُـــمَّ ذهــَــبــْـــتُ مـَــعَ أصــْــدِقـــَـــائــِــى إلـى الــمــَـــســْـــجــِـــد . أدَّيـــْـــنــَـــا صــَــلاة الــفــَــجــْــــرِ فــى جــَــمــَـــاعــَـــــةٍ , ثـــُــمَّ جــَــلــَــســـْـــنـــَــــا نـــُـــكــَـــبـــِّـــرُ و نــُــهــَــلــِّــلُ حـَــتــَّــى مــَــوعــِــد صــَــلاةِ الــعــِــيــدِ . صــَـــلـــَّـــيــْــنـــَـــا صــَـــلاةَ الــعــِـــيـــد , و…

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