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Basic Arabic: Essential Topical Words and Phrases (1) Posted by on Sep 29, 2018

This post provides a list of basic words and phrases that can be used by beginning learners of Arabic as a metalanguage in the course of their learning. Education  تَعْلِيْم ta‘liim اِبْتِدَائِي ibtidaa’ii elementary اِخْتِبَار ikhtibaar test اِمْتِحَان imtiHaan exam فَحْص faHS test/exam/quiz إِعْدَادِي ’i‘daadii preparatory تَخَصُّص takhaSSuS major/specialization ثَانَوِي thaanawii secondary جَامِعَة jaami‘ah university…

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My First Embarrassing Encounter with Arabic Native Speakers at the Airport Posted by on Jul 18, 2013

Marhaba! You cannot imagine how many times I practiced speaking Arabic with my parents in the United States before my first trip to Beirut to meet family and close relatives. Even when I was just a child I made it a point to always speak Arabic with my parents. What kind of Arabic was I…

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