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A Vital Arabic Particle with Multiple Meanings Posted by on Apr 26, 2018

Arabic is full of words that are spelled the same but have different meanings and words that are spelled the same but pronounced differently. One example is the Arabic particle ان – alif and nun, with no ء hamzah or diacritics. Their addition and position make the word versatile. When the ن has fahHah with…

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Arabic Prepositions Posted by on Nov 11, 2016

Arabic Prepositions (حروف الجر) are an interesting and a challenging topic for learners of Arabic. When I mark students’’ essays, I notice many mistakes with prepositions. In this post, I highlight the meanings and usage of three of the Arabic prepositions; give examples and some exercises on the selected prepositions. مِنَ  (from) indicates the starting…

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