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Arabic Translation Answer: ‘Newspapers’ Posted by on Oct 30, 2014

   Ahlan Arabic fans! How did you do in the last translation post about newspapers? Here is the English translation answer of the Arabic Translation Exercise: “Newspapers” that was written by the Egyptian writer and journalist Anis Mansour أنــيــس مــَــنــْــصــُـــور who used to write daily articles for Al-Ahram newspaper; الأهـــرام /Al-Ahram/ under one title; “Situations…

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Arabic Translation Exercise: ‘Newspapers’ Posted by on Oct 30, 2014

    Ahlan Arabic fans! Today I am presenting a translation exercise. We are going to read a short article by one of the Arab writers. The article will be in Arabic and you are going to test your Arabic reading skill and translate the article into English. Of course I will post the English…

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Arab Cartoons Posted by on Apr 27, 2010

Cartoons (الكاريكاتير) are a very important feature of Arab newspapers (الصحف) and magazines (المجلات). They appear in each and every issue in a large number of publications. They are not always used for entertainment; instead, they are used to criticize political, economic and social conditions. They include very little or no text, but the meaning…

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