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Arabic Translation Answer: ‘Newspapers’ Posted by on Oct 30, 2014 in Arabic Language, Culture, Vocabulary

   Ahlan Arabic fans! How did you do in the last translation post about newspapers? Here is the English translation answer of the Arabic Translation Exercise: “Newspapers” that was written by the Egyptian writer and journalist Anis Mansour أنــيــس مــَــنــْــصــُـــور who used to write daily articles for Al-Ahram newspaper; الأهـــرام /Al-Ahram/ under one title; “Situations مــَــوَاقــِــفْ /mawaqif/ and in which he discussed so many topics. In this article, Anis Mansour is talking about newspapers and the journalism career. I have chosen the title for this article.


By Anis Mansour on November 10th 2011

    “People expect from newspapers what they say to them? What they do? What they understand? And if some political incidents happen inside or outside, people turn to newspapers; they want to understand. People put great trust in newspapers and in people with pens (journalists); people see them as guides who know more and understand more .. and above all, they never tell lies…

Newspepers via lickingcountrylibrary.inf

Newspepers via lickingcountrylibrary.inf

     And this a big greeting and heavy responsibility that all men with pens bear .. but when people look in newspapers to feel more embarrassed and don’t find what they are looking for day after day, then their trust in the newspaper, in the writer and in the ethical principles that govern us all must change. The reader must wonder: What these newspapers are! What these writers are! What the difference between the newspapers and the street is! It is true that newspapers should reflect the street, depict it and be its voice .. but after that it must direct people .. guide people .. suggest solutions and remedies .. search for the problems of the people and record them and find solutions to them or speak loudly referring these problems to whom it may be concerned .. to those who are able to solve. The job of newspapers is not only to record people’s voices and pictures .. this is just some of the responsibility .. what remains of this responsibility is to assure people that it (newspapers) is not far away from them .. that it is their home and that it has stronger means to find remedies to their problems .. and to insist on that .. and if it couldn’t find remedies, it must stand at the side of the people against the lazy ignorant institutions .. to criticize them openly .. Hence, newspapers succeed in its job; linking itself to the readers .. linking the readers to the state .. and linking the state to the men of pens (journalists). Hence, people could be observers to the newspapers and newspapers could be observer to the state .. This is the essence of freedom and the way of democracy .. People scream .. and this means that all are screaming at the same time .. and all is not listening .. no one hears because there is noise everywhere. It seems like no one has said anything and no one has heard .. as if nothing has happened .. Voices have intermixed .. exactly like the waves of the sea!”


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