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Recognizing active participles Posted by on May 7, 2014

Active participle (اسم الفاعل) is a specific form in Arabic which is used commonly to refer to the doer of the action. This form is derived from verbs in certain ways. From form I verbs, e.g.كتب – درس – حمل  , the active participle follows the pattern فاعل , for example, كتب – كاتب درس…

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Arabic Nouns to Denote Time Posted by on Oct 11, 2012

ظرف الزمان is a special category of nouns in Arabic used in a sentence to denote time. It is a special type of noun in Arabic, but it can be understood as an adverbial of time, as it gives the time a certain action takes place. It is the word that answers the question: “when…

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