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Shamm Annaseem Quiz Answers Posted by on Apr 16, 2012

       Here is the answer to the Shamm Annaseem Quiz that I presented earlier. Answers are written directly without the questions. To see the questions go to the Shamm Annaseem Quiz. 1)  The ancient Egyptians celebrated the advent of spring in Shamm Annaseem? كــان الــمــصــريــون الــقــدمـــــاء يــحــتــفــلــــون بـقــدوم الــربــيـــــــع فـى شـــم الــنــســــيــــــــم 2)  “Shemu Feast” means the…

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Shamm Annaseem Quiz Posted by on Apr 16, 2012

Read this blog article on Shamm Annaseem   and answer the following questions: Article Link: Shamm Annaseem Article اقــــرأ الــمــقــال الــتـــالى عــن شـــم الــنــســــيــم ثــم أجــب عــن الأســئــلـة    1) What did the ancient Egyptians celebrate in Shamm Annaseem?  بم كان يحتفل المصريون القدماء فى شم النسيم ؟ 2) What does ‘Shemu Feast’ mean ? ما معنى كلمة…

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This Day in History : Shamm Annaseem Posted by on Apr 25, 2011

Shamm Annaseem (or the Smelling of the Zephyr) شم النسيم           It is a national holiday أجازة قومية celebrating the advent of spring الربيع. The day is still  celebrated in many countries around the world in different ways. The celebration can be traced back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians who celebrated the harvest season…

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