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The Verbal Sentence (Part 3) – Subject-Verb Agreement: Number Posted by on Oct 16, 2012

     Today we are going to continue our study of the Verbal Sentence الـجـمـلــة الـفـعـلـيـــة . We have already discussed the Verb in more detail and the Subject or doer of the verb. In this post we will discuss the subject-verb agreement; how the verb looks like with different subjects. To be more specific, what…

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Verbal Sentence: The Subject/Doer (Part 1) Posted by on Sep 6, 2012

The Verbal Sentence: The Subject/Doer الــفــاعــِــل (Part 1) We have already started studying Arabic verbs. Check the previous posts for revision: 1)      Introduction to Verbs مـُـقــَــدِّمــَــة فـِـى الأفــْــعــَـــال   2)      Verb Type نــَــوعُ الــفــِــعــْـــلِ   3)      Verb Tense زمــنُ الــفــِــعــلِ ; (1) The Past الــمــَــاضــِــى   4)      Verb Tense زمــنُ الــفــِــعــْــلِ ; (2) The Present…

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