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Verb Conjugation Exercise Posted by on May 23, 2016

In this exercise, I present an exercise on conjugating verbs. Complete the sentences below with the verbs given in brackets. معظم أصدقائي ————– معي في نفس السنة ولكن مها ————- بعد سنتين. (تخرج) الطلاب —————- عن المحاضرة بسبب الثلج أمس. (تأخر) (أنتم) —————- أن تسافروا معنا اليوم. (أراد) كل جرائد اليوم —————- عن الحادث. (تكلم)…

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Verb Health:The Sound (Salim) Verb الفعل السالم Posted by on May 2, 2011

In previous posts, we have discussed that there healthy and unhealthy verbs. A Healthy Verb is that verb that doesn’t have any sick letters in its root (base). The sick letters that make the verb sick are و , ا , ى . Healthy Verbs have three types: (Salim / Mahmouz / Doubled). Today, we…

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