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The Old Damascene House البيت الدمشقي القديم Part Two Posted by on Oct 6, 2021

In this part two post, we’ll continue listening to a clip about the old Damascus style houses and answer some questions. I have provided the Arabic transcription to help you follow along as you listen to the speakers and an English translation below. Again, you’ll hear the reporter speaking in Modern Standard Arabic when describing…

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The Old Damascene House البيت الدمشقي القديم Posted by on Sep 29, 2021

In this post, I thought we’d look into the old Damascene house البيت الدمشقي القديم which is famous for its unique architecture الهندسة المعمارية المميزة and style. Today, many have been converted into hotels and restaurants due to their beautiful surrounding atmosphere overlooking mountains الجبال and farms المزارع, but there are still old Damascus houses…

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أنواع المَكْتبات في الأردن Types of Libraries in Jordan Part Two Posted by on Sep 15, 2021

In this post we’ll continue the story of  غيث بحدوشة and مكتبته المميزة his unique library. But first let’s get to know some book genres in Arabic. 📚 ما أنواع الكتب التي تحب أن تقرأها؟ What types of books do you like to read? 📗📘📙📕Book genres أنواع الكتب  قِصص المُغامرات: adventure  الفن / العمارة: art/architecture …

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‎El-Funoun Dance Troupe فرقة الفنون الشعبية الفلسطينية Posted by on Aug 25, 2021

Are you interested in folklore التُّراث الشَّعبي/الفولكلور? Have you attended any performance by a folklore dance group فِرقة رَقْص فولكلوري? What comes to mind when you think of فرقة رقص فولكلوري? I assume they have a lot of pride الفَخْر since they express their love for their culture الثَّقافة and homeland الوَطَن through the art…

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Making Appointments in Arabic Posted by on Jul 28, 2021

In this post, we’re going to practice how to make an appointment تَحْديد مَوْعِد in Arabic. We’ll begin with making formal appointments مواعيد رسمية such as an official meeting اجتماع رسمي and a doctor’s appointment مَوعِد عند الطبيب, then we’ll look at how to make an informal appointment مَوعِد غير رسمي with a friend in…

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وَقْت الصَّيف Summer Time Posted by on Jul 14, 2021

It’s very hot! !إنه حار جداً 🌞 In this post, we’re going to talk about summer الصَّيف and everything that gets mentioned when we talk about summer time وقت الصَّيف such as weather الطَّقْس, activities نشاطات, and types of food and drink أكلات ومشروبات. We’ll also watch a weather forecast نشرة جوية in Arabic and…

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Describing the Ideal Friend الصَّديق المِثالي Posted by on Apr 7, 2021

In this post, I thought we would learn how to describe what we think is a true friend صَديق حَقيقي or an ideal friend صَديق مِثالي in Arabic. We’ll look at vocabulary that will help us list possible friend qualities and answer questions. We’ll also watch a video showing pedestrians in Jordan being asked about…

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