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The Absolute Object Posted by on May 25, 2010 in Grammar

The Absolute Object (المفعول المطلق) is a special type of object that serves to emphasize the meaning of the main verb. It is typically formed by using the verbal noun (المصدر) derived from the main verb in the accusative form, e.g.

انتصر الجيش انتصاراً.

‘The army has achieved victory.’

The absolute objects can be modified by adjectives that modify the meaning further by adding certain qualifications, e.g.

انتصر الجيش انتصاراً حاسماً.

‘The army has achieved a decisive victory.’

مشيت مشياً سريعاً.

‘I walked quickly (lit. quick walking).’

The absolute object can serve to show the number of times an action has been performed, e.g.

ضربت الكرة ضربةً وأنت ضربتها ضربتين.

‘I hit the ball once (lit. one hit), and you hit it twice (lit. two hits).’

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  1. Juan:

    Thanks Aziza,

    Now I think I can understand sentences which were dificult if you do not know this structure.

    I found this one in a book and I believe it corresponds to this type:
    نَجَحتُ نَجَحاً تامّاً
    the translation would be something like:
    I succeded perfectly (or completely),

    Am I correct?

    Thanks again,


    • aziza:

      @Juan yes, correct! Well done Juan!

  2. Haaroun:

    I had a constant problem with absolute objects, but now it’s okay, God bless you Aziza