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Types of object Posted by on Jun 26, 2015 in Grammar

In Arabic the object (المفعول) is always accusative (منصوب). There are different types of objects. In this post, I mention some types of objects in Arabic grammar and give examples of them.

Image by: د.أحمد العضيب

Image by: د.أحمد العضيب

المفعول به

This is the object of the verb, i.e. the person or thing affected by the action, e.g.

أكل الرجل طعامَه.

قرأ الطالب كتباً.

In Arabic, some verbs take more than one object, e.g.

ألبست الأم ابنتَها الفستانَ.

أهدى الزوج زوجتَه عقداً.

المفعول المطلق

The absolute object is made up of a masdar derived from the main verb of the sentence. It serves the purpose of emphasis.

انتصر الجيش انتصاراً ساحقاً.

فاز المتسابق فوزاً عظيماً.

خسر التاجر خسارة فادحة.


المفعول لأجله

This object is also expressed by a masdar, but not directly derived from the main ver of the sentence. It expresses the purpose of the action.

سافرت طلباً للعلم.

ضرب الرجل انتقاماُ لكرامته.

المفعول فيه

This is an adverbial that gives the time or place of the action.

بدأت المباراة عصراً.

انتظرتك ساعةَ.

أبحرت السفينة شمالاً.

Come back again soon for some exercises on the same topic!

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  1. Sarah Mohsan:

    Please can you tell me what is a jarmajroor in a jumlas filya called…
    If I say I hit zaid with a stick.
    Then zaid is Mafoolll bihi
    But what is with a stick..please explain

    • aziza:

      @Sarah Mohsan Yes, with a stick is the preposition and noun after it. This is jar (preposition) wa majroor (genitive noun)