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Verb Health:The Sound (Salim) Verb الفعل السالم Posted by on May 2, 2011 in Arabic Language, Grammar, Vocabulary

  • In previous posts, we have discussed that there healthy and unhealthy verbs.
  • A Healthy Verb is that verb that doesn’t have any sick letters in its root (base).
  • The sick letters that make the verb sick are و , ا , ى .
  • Healthy Verbs have three types: (Salim / Mahmouz / Doubled).
  • Today, we will be focused on the first type; The Salim (Sound) Verb الفعل السالم


    A Salim verb is that which doesn’t have a Hamza or a doubled letter or any sick letter.

                Ex. : – خرجَ محمد من الفصل = Mohammad went out of class.

                        – يشربُ محمد اللبن كل يوم = Mohammad drinks the milk everyday.

                       – اشربِ اللبنَ يا محمد = Drink the milk , Mohammad.

  • To learn the different tense forms of this category of verbs, let’s study this table:


Past الماضي Present المضارع Imperative الأمر  
To write



To go out




To come in دَخَلَ يَدخُلْ اِدخُلْ 

To plant



To drink شربَ يَشرَبْ اِشرَبْ
To hit ضَرَبَ يَضرِبْ اِضرِبْ
To send بعثَ يبْعَثْ اِبْعثْ
To escape هَرَبَ يَهرَبْ اِهرَبْ
To work عَمِلَ يَعمَلْ اِعملْ
To know عَلِمَ يَعلَم اِعْلَمْ
To play لَعِبَ يَلعبْ اِلعَبْ
To hear سَمِعَ يَسمَع اِسمعْ
To go ذَهَبَ يَذهبْ اِذهبْ
To ride رَكِبَ يَركَبْ اِركَبْ
To cook طَبَخَ يَطبُخ اِطْبُخ
To carry حَمَلَ يَحْمِل اِحمِلْ
To move نَقَلَ يَنْقِلْ اِنْقِل
To go up صَعَدَ يَصْعَدْ اِصْعَدْ
To go down نَزَلَ يَنْزِلْ اِنْزِلْ
To dance رَقَصَ يَرْقُصْ اِرقُصْ
To search بَحَثَ يَبْحَثْ اِبْحَثْ
To laugh ضَحِكَ يَضْحَكْ اِضْحَكْ
To hate كَرِهَ يَكْره اِكْرَه
To feel شَعَرَ يَشْعُرْ اِشْعُرْ
To swim سَبَحَ يَسْبَحْ اِسْبَحْ
To open فَتَحَ يَفْتَحْ اِفْتَحْ
To jump قَفَزَ يَقْفِزْ اِقفِزْ
To wear لَبِسَ يَلبِسْ اِلبِسْ
To take off خَلَعَ يَخلعْ اِخلعْ
To steal سَرَقَ يَسْرِقْ اِسْرِقْ
To mention ذَكَرَ يَذْكُرْ اِذكُرْ
To collect جَمَعَ يَجمَعْ اِجْمَعْ
To win رَبَحَ يَرْبَحْ اِرْبَحْ
To lose خَسِرَ يَخْسَرْ



(Note: The rules of number and gender we studied before applies to these verb tenses.)


Next time, we will continue looking at another type of Healthy Verbs.  

Check us back soon

Peace سلام      / Salam/

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