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Verbs with hamza Posted by on Aug 30, 2015 in Arabic Language, Grammar

Verbs that have hamza as a root letter are called (الفعل المهموز). Hamza can appear as a first, second or third radical letter. In this post, we learn how to conjugate these verbs.

Examples of verbs with hamza are found below:

أخذ = took

أكل = ate

سأل = asked

سأم = become bored

ملأ = filled

قرأ = read

Hamza is usually treated like a consonant, so no major changes are usually made when conjugating verbs. The main change is that when there are two alifs together, they are written as madda (آ). The conjugation table below shows the verbs with madda in red.



Now try to conjugate the verbs below!


Come again soon to check the answers and to answer some more exercises on verbs with hamza!

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