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Why Are You Learning Arabic? لماذا تتعلم اللغة العربية؟ Posted by on Jul 26, 2022 in Arabic Language, Vocabulary

لماذا تتعلم اللغة العربية؟

Why are you learning Arabic?

In this last Arabic blog post, we’ll say مع السلامة goodbye and send you all some happy wishes regarding your Arabic learning. We’ll also look at the goals أهداف or reasons أسباب many Arabic learners have for learning this unique language, such as work, travel, religion, an interest in Arab culture, etc., to help you explain to others in Arabic why you are learning this language, in addition to hopefully encouraging you to keep going! 🤗

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لماذا تتعلم اللغة العربية؟

🎇There are of course countless different reasons why individuals decide to learn Arabic. Here are just a few…

📝Take note of key words such as ثقافة, التحدث, السفر, etc.

التعرف على الثقافة العربية والتعمق في عادات وتقاليد البلدان التي تتحدث باللغة العربية

Learn about Arab culture and delve into the customs and traditions of countries that speak the Arabic language.

هناك ٢٥ دولة تتحدث اللغة العربية فهناك دائما ارتفاع في الطلب على متحدثين بها ويتيح فرصاً فريدة للنمو الشخصي والمهني

There are 25 countries that speak Arabic and there is always a high demand for Arabic speakers, offering unique opportunities for personal and professional growth.

سهولة السفر للدول الناطقة بالعربية وتعزيز التفاهم بين الثقافات

Ease of travel to Arabic-speaking countries and the promotion of intercultural understanding.

التعرف على ثاني أكبر ديانة بالعالم. فعند دراسة اللغة العربية، تكتسب نظرة ثاقبة حول المعتقدات والتقاليد الإسلامية

Learn about the second largest religion in the world. Studying Arabic allows you to gain insight into Islamic beliefs and traditions.

🤔Can you put together an answer to the question above in Arabic?

🎇Unfortunately, this is our last Arabic language blog post. Since we are saying goodbye, let’s review some common ways to say goodbye in Modern Standard Arabic.

🎇Let’s begin with the most common way to say goodbye in Arabic used in both formal and non formal situations.

مع السَّلامة

Meaning “with peace/safety”.

السَّلامُ عَليكُم 

Meaning “peace be upon you”. As well as a greeting, this phrase can also be used to bid someone farewell. It is a formal way to say goodbye and always the safest choice with people you briefly come in contact with such as cab drivers, officials, or sellers at the market.


Is very formal coming from the word وداع which is literally the act of saying “goodbye” or “farewell”.

إلى اللقاء

Meaning “see you later” or “till our next meeting”.

There is no need to conjugate these depending on gender, singular or plural.

الله معك

“May God be with you”. This is another common way to say goodbye. Works in both formal and informal contexts. Sometimes it’s added to other goodbye phrases or said on its own. You’ll need to conjugate this phrase.

الله مَعَك (male)

الله مَعِك  (female)

الله مَعْكُم  (plural)

I hope you found this post to help you describe your goals for learning Arabic and that you continue to do so.

!أتمنى لكم النجاح

Wishing you success!

Wishing you all the best in your Arabic language learning journey and إلى اللقاء! 🤗

Keep learning Arabic with us!

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