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Back to School (开课) Posted by on Aug 29, 2011 in Vocabulary

Well it’s that time of the year again, when students of all ages go back to school or 开课 (kāi ). As commencement gets under way, students or 学生 (xué sheng) should familiarize themselves with the mandarin basics of school vocabulary, especially if they are studying in the mainland.

Hopefully these vocabulary words can help you throughout the semester or 学期 (xué ) so you can do well on all your exams or 考试 (kǎo shì). Remember, “Good good study, day ay up!” or  好好学习天天向上 (hǎo hǎo xué xí tiān tiān xiàng shàng):



Vocabulary list:

English Chinese Pinyin
auditorium 会堂 hui4 tang2
binder 文件夹 wen2 jian4 jia1
board 黑板 hei1 ban3
book shu1
calculator 计算器 ji4 suan4 qi4
calendar 日历 ri4 li4
class ke4
classroom 教室 jiao4 shi3
clock 时钟 shi2 zhong1
computer 电脑 dian4 nao3
desk 书桌 shu1 zhuo1
diary / organizer 日记 ri4 ji4
envelope 信封 xin4 feng1
eraser 橡皮 xiang4 pi2
field 操场 cao1 chang3
file cabinet 文件柜 wen2 jian4 gui4
glue 胶水 jiao1 shui3
guidance counselor 指导员 zhi2 dao3 yuan2
gym / gymnasium 健身房 jian4 shen1 fang2
homework 作业 zuo2 ye4
library 图书馆 tu2 shu1 guan3
map 地图 di4 tu2
meeting 会议 hui4 yi4
notebook 笔记本 bi3 ji4 ben3
pen 钢笔 gang1 bi3
pencil 铅笔 qian1 bi3
presentation 展示 zhan3 shi4
principal 校长 xiao4 zhang3
projector 投影仪 tou2 ying3 yi2
read 阅读 yue4 du2
ruler chi3
screen 屏幕 ping2 mu4
school 学校 xue2 xiao4
sharpener 削笔刀 xue1 bi3 dao1
stapler 订书机 ding4 shu1 ji1
teacher 老师 lao3 shi1
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