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Canadian Provinces, Territories, and Cities in Chinese Posted by on Jun 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

Recently, I posted the Chinese names for all 50 states in America. Someone commented that they would like to learn how to say all of the provinces and territories of Canada in Chinese as well. You want it, you got it! We want to give our readers content that is useful and helpful to them when it comes to learning about Chinese language & culture, so if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see a post about, don’t be shy and leave us a comment. Here’s all the vocabulary you’ll need to talk about Canada in Chinese:

Oh, Canada!

Oh, Canada!

Canada (加拿大 – jiā ná dà)

If you’re like me, you might need to review the names in English first!


  • Quebec  (魁北克 – kuí běi kè)

  • Ontario  (安大略 – ān dà lüè)

  • Newfoundland  (紐芬蘭岛 – niǔ fēn lán dǎo)

  • Prince Edward island  (爱德华王子岛 – ài dé huá wáng zǐ dǎo)

  • Nova Scotia  (新斯科舍 – xīn sī kē shè)

  • British Columbia  (不列颠哥伦比亚 – bù liè diān gē lún bǐ yà)

  • Alberta  (阿尔伯塔 – ā ěr bó tǎ)

  • Saskatchewan (萨斯喀彻温 – sà sī kā chè wēn)

  • Manitoba (马尼托巴 – mǎ ní tuō bā)

  • New Brunswick (新不伦瑞克省 – xīn bù lún ruì kè shěng)

Note that for all provinces except for Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island, you can add the word for “province” (省 – shěng) to the end of the name. It’s not necessary, though, as Chinese people will certainly know that you’re talking about Saskatchewan when you say “Sà sī kā chè wēn” – there’s no other Chinese word that sounds anything like that!


  • Northwest Territories (西北地区 – xī běi dì qū)

  • Nunavut (努纳武特地区 – nǔ nà wǔ tè dì qū)

  • Yukon (育空地区 – yù kòng dì qū)

Top 10 Largest Cities

  • 10. Kitchener (基奇纳 – jī qí nà)

  • 9. Winnipeg (温尼伯 – wēn ní bó)

  • 8. Hamilton (汉密尔顿 – hàn mì ěr dùn)

  • 7. Quebec City (魁北克城 – kuí běi kè chéng)

  • 6. Ottawa (渥太华 – wò tài huá)

  • 5. Edmonton (埃德蒙顿 – Āi dé méng dùn)

  • 4. Calgary (卡尔加里 – kǎ ěr jiā lǐ)

  • 3. Vancouver (温哥华 – wēn gē huá)

  • 2. Montreal (蒙特利尔 – méng tè lì ěr)

  • 1. Toronto (多伦多 – duō lún duō)

If you’re Canadian, we’d love to hear from you in Chinese!

Are you Canadian?
你是加拿大人吗?- nǐ shì jiā ná dà rén ma

Which part of Canada?
加拿大什么地方?- jiā ná dà shén me dì fāng

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