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Changabi Mountain (North Side) Posted by on Nov 23, 2013 in Culture, Vocabulary

Take an epic train ride from Beijing all the way up to Changbai Mountain in Jilin province to admire the wondrous Heavenly Lake. Hike along through forests, along streams, and around waterfalls to experience some of China’s best natural beauty.

wǒ men xiān zuò huǒ chē cóng běi jīng dào shén yáng běi zhàn
First, we rode the train from Beijing to Shenyang North Station.

rán hòu wǒ men zuò dì tiě dào shén yáng zhàn
Then we took the subway to Shenyang Station.

麦当劳 – mài dāng láo

李先生 –  lǐ xiān shēng
Mr. Lee

wǒ men hái xū yào zuò huǒ chē dào bái hé
We still needed to take the train to Baihe.

长白山 – cháng bái shān
Changbai Mountain

我们先坐公交车 – wǒ men xiān zuò gōng jiāo chē
First, we took a bus…

然后坐面包车 – rán hòu zuò miàn bāo chē
…then we took a van.

天池 – tiān chí
Heavenly Lake

温泉鸡蛋 – wēn quán jī dàn
hot spring eggs

望松国际青年旅舍 – wàng sōng guó jì qīng nián lǚ shě
Woodland International Youth Hostel

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