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China Shijiazhuang Lockdown Posted by on Jan 18, 2021 in News

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石家庄 (Shí jiā zhuāng) is the capital of Hebei province. Although the 庄character (zhuāng, means village) appears in its name, Shijiazhuang is rather a large city. In fact, it’s the largest city of the northern Hebei province. With a total population of about 11 million, Shijiazhuang ranked eleventh in mainland China. You can admire its splendor in this aerial tour:

In the first week of 2021, Shijiazhuang reported more than 200 new confirmed infections of COVID-19 in five days. The epidemic situation in China has been relatively stable lately, and these figures are the highest China has seen in months. Authorities acted fast, and announced a lockdown on Shijiazhuang. About a year after Wuhan, China imposed another lockdown in a provincial capital.


1 yuè 2 rì Héběi chū xiàn 1 lì běn tǔ bìng lì, suí hòu kāi shǐ xùn sù zēng duō. Duǎn duǎn jǐ tiān nèi hé běi shěng gǎn rǎn xīn guān rén shù guò 200. Héběi suí hòu xuān bù quán shěng jìn rù “zhàn shí zhuàng tài”.

On January 2, a new infectious case was reported in Hebei. Soon after there was a rapid growth in number. In just a few days, the number of people infected with the coronavirus in Hebei province exceeded 200. Hebei subsequently announced that the province had entered a wartime mode.

The restrictions imposed on Shijiazhuang residents are some of the strictest imposed in China since March 2020, similar to the ones imposed in the epi-center Wuhan at the first outbreak of the pandemic. Locals have been told to stay home; shops are closed; gatherings are banned; all schools have been suspended. No one can leave the city, as major highways are blocked, train and bus stations closed and most flights are canceled.


Héběi shěng Shíjiāzhuāng shì gong jiāo chē, chū zū chē tíng yùn. Shíjiāzhuāng dì tiě yě yǐ tíng zhǐ yùn yíng. Shíjiāzhuāng quán shì rén yuán, chē liàng jūn bù dé lí shì, quán shì gāo sù fēng bì. Shíjiāzhuāng yě yǐ jīng jiǎn shǎo rén yuán jù jí huó dòng, zàn tíng quán shì xué xiào huó dòng.

Buses and taxis in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province were suspended. Shijiazhuang subway has also ceased operations. People and vehicles in Shijiazhuang are not allowed to leave the city, and the city’s highways are closed. Shijiazhuang has also reduced personnel gathering activities and suspended all schools activities in the city.

The city’s deserted streets were filmed:

China is taking aggressive measures to stamp out any clusters of new cases to prevent another outbreak. Shijiazhuang authorities didn’t waste time. Four days after the first infection was reported, the city launched mass citywide nucleic acid testing. The entire population of 11 million was tested in a few days. A second round of mass testing will begin soon. Meanwhile the city will remain locked down.


Suí zhe Shíjiāzhuāng shì xīn guān gǎn rǎn bìng lì de zēng jiā, zhè ge yǒng yǒu 1100 wàn rén kǒu de chéng shì yǐ jīng qǐ dòng le quán chéng bìng dú dà pái chá. Shíjiāzhuāng quán shì wán chéng quán yuán hé suān jiǎn cè rèn wù hòu, Shíjiāzhuāng quán shì jū mín jì xù jū jiā 7 tiān.

With the increase in cases of COVID infections in Shijiazhuang, this city with a population of 11 million has launched a city-wide virus examination. After the entire city of Shijiazhuang completed the task of nucleic acid testing for all its people, residents continued to stay at home for 7 days.



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