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Chinese Language Quiz 2021 Posted by on Aug 23, 2021 in Language

Learning a second language, any language, is a journey. A journey of ups and downs, a journey in which you sometimes sprint and sometimes stand still. And although it sometimes feels like the destination is far, know that every step brings you forward. Today we will take a little break to summarize up what we have learned in our journey together so far, with a quiz. Answers are at the bottom. Good luck!

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1) Which word means together?

  1. 一生          b. 比起          c. 一起


2) Which word does not belong?

  1. 周           b. 礼拜         c. 原          d. 星期


3) Fill in the correct word:


  1. 聪明         b. 勇敢         c. 善良


4) Which phrase means reputation?

  1. 名声         b. 名字         c. 名牌         d. 名片


5) Which does not apply to drinking?

  1. 红茶         b. 风水         c. 咖啡          d. 果汁


6) Which word is not a vehicle?

  1. 船       b. 飞机        c. 床          d. 机动车


7) Fill in the correct word:


  1. 汉字          b. 语言          c. 中文          d. 语法


8) How should you politely ask for someone age?

  1. 您贵庚?         b. 您贵姓?         c. 你属什么?


9) Which word is not an animal?

  1. 骆驼         b. 大象         c. 番茄           d. 狐狸


10) 龙舟赛 and 粽子 are part of which festival?

  1. 端午节

  2. 中秋节

  3. 七夕节

  4. 春节


11) Which verb is not like the other two?

  1. 吸烟         b. 戒烟          c. 抽烟


12) Fill in the correct word:


  1. 煎饼         b. 火锅           c. 香蕉


13) Which noun is not a summer accessory?

  1. 阳伞         b. 风扇         c. 太阳镜          d. 围巾


14) Which idiom means give up halfway?

  1. 半途而废

  2. 并行不悖

  3. 一知半解

  4. 得过且过


15) Which one is not a measure word?

  1. 份         b. 粉         c. 件 d. 辆


16) Fill in the correct word:


  1. 宾馆          b. 饭馆           c. 图书馆


17) Which word doesn’t mean custom?

  1. 粗俗       b. 习俗         c. 风俗


18) Which one is not a 坏习惯?

  1. 吸烟         b. 过量饮酒         c. 早睡觉


19) Which of these is not like the other two?

  1. 肥胖         b. 发胖          c. 变胖


20) 办年货 and 拜年 are part of which festival?

  1. 元宵节

  2. 泼水节

  3. 春节

  4. 七夕节


21) When is 教师节 observed in China?

  1. 十月九号

  2. 九月十号

  3. 九月一号


22) Which one is not a family member?

  1. 阿姨         b. 外婆         c. 表哥          d. 邻居


23) Fill in the correct word:


  1. 推迟         b. 迟到          c. 推辞


24) Which adjective doesn’t describe food?

  1. 好吃         b. 下饭         c. 新鲜         d. 慷慨


25) Which wrap color is not accepted in China for gifts?

  1. 白色         b. 黄色         c. 金色          d. 红色


26) Which province got the title 世界桥梁博物馆?

  1. 江苏         b. 贵州         c. 湖北


27) Which verb doesn’t refer to clothes and accessories?

  1. 戴         b. 打算         c. 穿          d. 打扮


28) Which one is not a cold symptom?

  1. 皮疹          b. 流鼻涕          c. 咳嗽          d. 咽喉痛


29) Fill in the correct word:


  1. 终于         b. 仍然          c. 究竟


30) Fill in the correct word:


  1. 冷         b. 温暖          c. 凉快          d. 热


And here are the correct answers:


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