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Chinese Vocabulary – International Cuisine Posted by on Nov 14, 2016 in Vocabulary

While Chinese food is amazing, chances are you won’t want to eat it three times a day every day if you’re traveling or living there. Once in a while, you just need to eat something different. Last month we reviewed some Chinese vocabulary for standard Western food. This month we’re going international. Here are some common dishes from ten different countries/regions that you should be able to find in most major cities in China.

Indian (印度菜 – yìn dù cài)

Mmmm... curry and naan.

Mmmm… curry and naan.

  • curry (咖喱 – gā lí)

  • naan bread ( – náng)

Thai food (泰国菜 – tài guó cài)

  • pad Thai (泰式炒河粉 – tài shì chǎo hé fěn)

  • papaya salad (青木瓜沙拉 – qīng mù guā shā lā)

Italian food (意大利菜 – yì dà lì cài)

  • pasta (意大利面 – yì dà lì miàn)

  • pizza (比萨 – bǐ sà)

Japanese food (日本菜 – rì běn cài)

Gotta love sushi!

Gotta love sushi!

  • sushi (寿司 – shòu sī)

  • sashimi (生鱼片 – shēng yú piàn)

Korean food (韩国菜 – hán guó cài)

  • bibimbap (石锅拌饭 – shí guō bàn fàn)

  • kimchi (辣白菜 – là bái cài)

Mexican food (墨西哥菜 – mò xī gē cài)

  • tacos (玉米饼 – yù mǐ bǐng)

  • burritos (卷饼 – juǎn bǐng)

Vietnamese food (越南菜 – yuè nán cài)

Fresh spring rolls.

Fresh spring rolls.

  • Vietnamese beef pho (越南牛肉河粉 – yuè nán niú ròu hé fěn)

  • spring rolls (春卷 – chūn juǎn)

Russian food (俄罗斯菜 – È luó sī cài)

  • borscht (罗宋汤 – luó sòng tāng)

  • chicken kiev (基辅炸鸡 – jī fǔ zhá jī)

British food (英国菜 – yīng guó cài)

  • fish and chips (炸魚薯條 – zhà yú shǔ tiáo)

  • Sheperd’s pie (牧羊人馅饼 – mù yáng rén xiàn bǐng)

Middle Eastern food

(中东菜 – zhōng dōng cài)

  • hummus (鹰嘴豆泥 – yīng zuǐ dòu ní)

  • baba ghanoush (茄泥酱 – jiā ní jiàng)


Sorry… your mouth is probably watering by now. At least you won’t go hungry and you’ll be able to order food from all over the world in Chinese!

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