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HángZhōu (杭州) Posted by on Apr 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

If you’re looking for a break from the over-populated cities in China, Hangzhou, 杭州 (háng zhōu) is the ideal getaway vacation. Located in southern China, this capital of Zhejiang Province, 浙江 (zhèjiāng), is a water-wonderland, built along the West Lake, or 西湖 (xīhú).

Hangzhou is filled with classical southern Chinese architecture including pagodas, temples, and bridges set to a gorgeous lake backdrop. To the north, there are a slew of famous  tea houses, 茶馆 (cháguǎn), and tea fields, offering you the chance to first work up a sweat hiking through acres of tea leaves, and then later cool off to some delicious Dragon Well Tea, or 龙井茶 (lónɡjǐnɡchá) served with 小吃  (xiǎochī), or little snacks and 冷盘 (lěngpán), cold appetizers.

Check out the video slideshow gallery:

Everywhere you go, regardless of time of day, Hangzhou is a bustle with activity. It has a great nightlife for expats and locals alike, with a balanced mixture of western and Chinese food and drink. At night, when it cools off, a dazzling fountain light display is performed as people congregate by the docks to socialize, dance and revel in the display.

The gallery below is from my trip by bicycle around the entire West lake. Anyone planning on visiting Hangzhou, I highly recommend renting and touring by bike, also known as 旅行自行车 (lǚxíng zìxíngchē). Here is a glimpse of what Hangzhou has to offer.

All photographs are courtesy of Stephen M. Fiedler, twitter: @seeitbelieveit

Please contact for any use of these images.

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