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Harbin – China’s Ice City (Part One) Posted by on Mar 31, 2013 in Culture

Usually when people take a vacation, they opt for some place tropical. Sunshine, relaxing on the beach, and swimming in the sea are the preferred activities. Earlier this year, we chose instead to take a short trip to one of the coldest places in China – Harbin. The “Ice City” plays host to a massive Ice and Snow Festival every year, making it a winter wonderland in the truest sense. Tour this famous city, which has a strong Russian influence, in part one of a new video series here:

哈尔滨是黑龙江的省会  – hā’ěr bīn shì hēi lóng jiāng de shěng huì

Harbin is the provincial capital of Heilongjiang.


冰城 – bīng chéng

ice city


防洪纪念塔 – fáng hóng jì niàn tǎ

Flood Control Monument


冰雪欢乐谷 - bīng xuě huān lè gǔ

Snow and Ice Happy Valley


松花江 – sōng huā jiāng

Songhua River


冰上自行车 – bīng shàng zì xíng chē

on ice bicycle


滑冰 – huá bīng

ice skating


大滑梯 - dà huá tī

big slide


骑马 – qí mǎ

ride a horse


马拉车 – mǎ lā chē

horse drawn-carriage


雪地车 – xuě dì chē



米线 – mǐ xiàn

rice noodles


热可可 – rè kě ke

hot cocoa


斯大林公园 – sī dà lín gōng yuán

Stalin Park


缆车 – lǎn chē



乒乓球 – pīng pāng qiú

ping pong


中央大街 – zhōng yāng dà jiē

Central Avenue


俄罗斯饭店 – È luó sī fàn diàn

Russian restaurant

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