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Jiuzhaigou National Park Posted by on Jan 11, 2013 in Culture, Vocabulary

Tour China’s most beautiful national park with this video that takes you around Jiuzhaigou in northern Sichuan province. Enjoy the stunning scenery of lakes, mountains, waterfalls, and more at this UNESCO World Heritage Site.


坐车的人特别多 – zuò chē de rén tè bié duō

There are so many people taking the bus.


树正沟 – shù zhèng gōu

Shuzeng Valley


老虎海 – lǎo hǔ hǎi

Tiger Lake


则查洼沟 – zé chá wā gōu

Zechewa Valley


长海 – cháng hǎi

Long Lake


藏族服饰 – zàng zú fú shì

Tibetan clothing


山水 – shān shuǐ



五彩池 – wǔ cǎi chí

Fiver-Color Pond


日则沟 – rì zé gōu

Rize Valley


五花海 – wǔ huā hǎi

Five-Flower Lake


原始森林 – yuán shǐ sēn lín

Primeval Forest


走路的人特别少 – zǒu lù de rén tè bié shǎo

There are very few people walking on the path.


草海 – cǎo hǎi

Grass Lake


天鹅海 – tiān’ é hǎi

Swan Lake


珍珠滩瀑布 – zhēn zhū tān pù bù

Pearl Shoal Waterfalls


诺日朗瀑布 – nuò rì lǎng pù bù

Nuorilang Waterfalls


火花海 – huǒ huā hǎi

Sparkling Lake

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About the Author: sasha

Sasha is an English teacher, writer, photographer, and videographer from the great state of Michigan. Upon graduating from Michigan State University, he moved to China and spent 5+ years living, working, studying, and traveling there. He also studied Indonesian Language & Culture in Bali for a year. He and his wife run the travel blog Grateful Gypsies, and they're currently trying the digital nomad lifestyle across Latin America.


  1. David Lloyd-Jones:


    Two things:

    1.) I’ve just downloaded your geography of China MP$. Many thanks. At the same time I’m studying Chinese geography just as part of my general knowledge, in preparation for graduate school in China, BeiDai or UofShenzhen, as soon as I can pass a few HSK levels…

    One piece of useful material that some of your friends and students might want to know about is the very god ANKI package on Chinese geography. (n fact quite a few of the Anki Mandarin packages are good; some are, uh, not so good… The three or four with “audio” in their titles are all good.)

    2.) Second, about yourself: I’ve seen smoe of your YouTube’s, and your accent in Putonghua is really very very good. How old were you when you started learning Chinese? I.e. is there any hope for the rest of us? And what advice do you have?

    In particular, do you have now, or did you have while you were learning, an internal dialogue or self-image that you adopted as you spoke Chinese?

    Best wishes — and thanks for your very helpful and intelligent posts.


  2. sasha:

    Thanks for the comment, David! I will check out those audio packages you recommended for sure.

    My Chinese really isn’t very good at all! I came here in 2008 with absolutely 0 Chinese. I took some small group classes, traveled by myself, and just did my best to speak the language more and more. I think when you find yourself here, in China, your speaking ability can increase quickly if you try. As far as my reading and writing goes, well they both are still pretty poor. But I can communicate with people fairly easily. Of course, doing this job helps me a lot, as I need to study more and more to write the articles and make the videos.

    Good luck with your HSK studies!


  3. tour jiuzhaigou:

    I’ll be visiting in Oct where autumn is believed to be where the park is at its most colourful with leaves of all hues and shades. I’ve been searching for some good hostels near the jiuzhaigou park entrance that’s within walking distance. Read a few horror stories about the supposed YHA hostels on tripadvisor but oh boy, it does worry me. Seems like the 5 stars hotels are the only way out, but considering I’ll be spending abt 2-3 nights there, this option will burn my pocket deep! Where did u stay when u were there? Some advice on this would be highly appreciated.

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